• Policies and Research Directions


    To generate research projects that create new knowledge which is beneficial to education and leads to sustainable social development.


    1. To develop both basic and applied research in Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Medical Sciences

    2. To develop research in all dimensions including research that creates new knowledge, institutional research, and research for teaching and learning development

    3. To encourage participatory research between professors, students, communities, agencies in both national and international levels

    4. To develop and publicize research that is beneficial to teaching and learning and academic services to relevant communities

    Strategic Plan

    Chemical Research Chemical compositions and bioactivity of herbs, The use of plants in eliminating toxins from the environment, and Synthesis and chemical structure identification 

    Physical and Biomedical Equipment Research A study on designing and fabricating medical equipment and a study on designing and generating a readymade program for medical examination

    Biological Research A study of biodiversity, Plant Tissue Culture, Biomedical science research, a study on bioactivity of herbs, a molecular study, and a study in ergonomics

    Institutional Research and Research for teaching and learning development Creating lessons for e-Learning, creating inventions, research for developments of the potentiality of students and staffs 


    1. Establish a database and manage knowledge regarding research, researcher, research groups, research grants, and published research
    2. Facilitate the imported sources, sources of research grants, coordinators, research projects, research mentors, new generations of researchers, and research budget
    3. Provide research publication supporting funds in both national and international levels and offer the supporting system with praise and encouragement 
    4. Support the formation of research groups and units in a multidisciplinary manner, allowing students to engage in research projects and support research projects forming in the research project set
    5. Promote research that engages with the community and external organizations by initiating learning and academic transfer that can sustainably respond to the needs of the community  
    6. Provide exchange programs for researchers and students with both domestic and foreign institutions

    Research Master Plan

    The Faculty of Science had initiated a 3-year master plan of research covering from 2009 to 2011. The objective of the plan was to guide the research of the faculty to follow the University's Policies, the 10th National Economic and National Social Development Plans, and the National Research Policy and Strategy (2008-2011). In addition, the research should keep up with the changing world and able to apply for social developments.

    Phase I (2009)

    This phase was conducted with purposes to gather research information such as research scholarships, publication, supports, and knowledge exchange, to strengthen research facilities, to encourage students’ participation, to integrate research between faculties to analyze problems and remove obstacles, and to facilitate access to research resources.


    Phase II (2010-2011)

    This phase was conducted with purposes to enhance the research based on the existing knowledge, meetings, brainstorming, and establishment of a mutual framework to develop the research in both educational aspect and academic and community services. The operation integrated the research to the communities, promoting students and communities cooperation, gathering information regarding the background of the communities, and conducting the research that can respond to the community problems, resulting in the development of the communities.

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